As Ramadan begins, Danish Dar's version of Hasbi Rabbi is the song you need to hear on loop

Artist Danish F Dar's version of divine Hasbi Rabbi song will fill you with peace.

As Ramadan, the holiest month in the Islamic calendar which marks the time of spiritual elevation, divinity and peaceful belonging to Allah, has begun, Muslims all around the globe (almost 1.6 Billion) will observe fast from dawn to dusk and seek to abandon sloth, wickedness and immorality with themselves, and thrive for a balanced lifestyle. The nonpareil month stands for mercy, love and forgiveness wherein Islamists abstain from negative thoughts, and actions and seek to attain divinity or Allah through charity and recitation of the Holy Quran.

As Muslims welcome the divine month which commemorates the first revelation of the Holy Quran, and seek the almighty. Some of the most famous songs which are devoted to the blessings and seek Allah through their serene lyrics are Tajdar-e-Haram, Kun Faya Kun, Piya Haji Ali, Allah Ho and Hasbi Rabbi. 

In this video, artist Danish F Dar recites the divine song Hasbi Rabbi and it is sure to take you to a whole new level. The video has amassed whopping 825k views and is loved by the masses.

Danish, who enjoys a massive fan following on social media, with most of his videos going viral is no newbie to devotional music. It is in fact his forte.
Take a look at his other videos:

The lyrics of Hasbi Rabbi go:

“Hasbi Rabbi, Jallallah
Maafi qalbi, ghairullah
Nur Muhammad, Sallallah
Haqqu, Laa ilaaha illallah”


Sufficient is for me, my Rabb; Allah is Great
There is none in my heart besides Allah
The Light of Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him)
Truly, there is no God but Allah”

With 1.2 million views and over 55k shares, the response to his ‘naat shareef’ has obviously been overwhelming. Many of his ardent fans have filled his comments section with notes of appreciation. “Straight from heart, purely divine, velvety n (sic) soothing voice, stay blessed” says a comment. “Mashallah,truely angelic voice” says another. With so many voicing the same thought, how could the song be anything but viral?

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