Are you a true Bollywood lover? Check out these hilarious Bollywood style orgasms

Are you a true-blue Bollywood lover? No, we mean, quite literally!

Here at Bollywood, we take lovin’ pretty seriously and our orgasms are as filmy as it gets. Checkout the various kinds of Bollywood orgasms that exist. We wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve ‘Been there, done that’

The Optimist:

Two words – Oh yes.

1The Pessimist:

It’s happening. They’re loving it. But, existential crisis and nihilism are a way of life.

The Confused:

Not sure what to stick with here. They often end up grumpy and lost post-coitus. Sux2bu


The Traveller:

They’re coming. Quite literally.



The Religious:

Orgasms are cool but Mata ji is chowki is lit.


The murderer:

Crime Master GoGo needs some good lovin’ too you know.



The Submariner:

They take rolling in the deep pretty seriously.


Classical Indian Orgasm:

*Dhum tananana plays in the background* followed by ‘main tumhare bachche ki maa banne wali hu’


Gotta try em’ all, right?