Are you a meme addict? Take this quiz to find out

Welcome to the world of memes. It's TOTALLY relatable.

There’s a bunch of addictions people are battling but none is as serious as the one we’ve got- memes. Yes, we’re addicts. We live, breathe, eat, pray and poop memes and it’s definitely getting out of hand.

On your timeline, in your messages, on your groups- memes are everywhere. There’s no avoiding them. We mean, there’s universities offering ‘memology’ courses, so yeah you get the drift.

Are you a meme addict but afraid of admitting it? Or are you not sure how much you score on the meme addiction scale? We’ll help you out.

Take this quiz and calculate your meme addiction score. Seek help accordingly:

Q) What do you see in this picture?


A) LOL that’s a weird looking frog WTF.
B) I’ve seen that on the internet a few times.
C) My lord and savior pepe.

Q) You see a friend has shared this RVCJ meme. What do you do?


A) Lol, that’s funny. I’ll share it too!
B) Damn, that grammar is triggering me.
C) Unfriend.

Q) You’re smiling at your phone. Whatchu looking at?


A) Obviously a romantic text.
B) A funny forward someone sent.
C) Scrolling through some memes.

Q) Who’s this guy?

(Credits: Pradhan Mantri Meme Yojana)

A) Why did they photoshop Bobby deol into this picture?
B) Haha yeah everyone is trolling Bobby now.
c) Bobbi my Indian meme lord.

Q) How do you feel when you see this?


A) Haha that’s a maymay.
B) Isn’t that the troll-face meme where all memes began?

Q) Is that a bird?


A) That’s the weirdest looking bird I’ve ever seen.
B) I’ve seen this in my newsfeed. It’s a thing now apparently.
c) It’s God himself. *Thrash dove reacts*

Q) What is this?


A) No idea.
B) Isn’t this a meme? I don’t get it.
C) Meme template. Must. Enter. Text.

Q) You see this relatable meme. What do you do?


A) Read and keep scrolling. What else.
B) Maybe screenshot it and send it to a friend or two.
C) Tag everyone on the face of the planet. Repost on all my meme groups.

Here’s the score sheet:

Mostly As: You have no idea what memes are. Do you even internet?
Mostly Bs: You’re fine. You have a healthy amount of information about meme trends and you’re chill about it.
Mostly Cs: Meme lord. We repeat, meme lord.

Now go browse some memes.