Valentine's Day 2017: Anti-Valentine's Day movies you should watch with your squad

Valentine's day is cliché. Let's celebrate Anti-Valentine's day with these awesome flicks.

Valentine’s day is almost here and couples are gearing up to invade your newsfeed tomorrow. Blehhhh
Are you and your gang a part of the ‘Love Sucks!’ squad? We’ve curated a list for you, and you’re gonna love it.

If you’re sick of “happily ever after” just like we are, this compilation of bitterly honest and at times downright anti-love films is exactly what you need to free yourself from the love bugs people are spreading on this stupid lovers’ holiday.

Get in you pajamas and watch these flicks with your love-hatin’ squad:

Tere Naam

Boy meets girl. Boy stalks girl. Boy kidnaps girl. Girl falls in love. Boy loses all mental stability and memory. Girl dies. Yayy


Blue valentine

High school sweethearts get married and guess what? You get to watch their perfect marriage crumble into pieces in this boy-loses-girl love story. The story is so sad, you’ll physically feel your heart breaking at one point. Perfect!


Pyaar ka punchnama.

Do we need to introduce this movie? Girlfriends suck. Boyfriends suck. Relationships suck. Just sit with your buddies and enjoy some drinks while you laugh at couples being … well, couples.


My Bloody Valentine (1981)

Plot: Celebrate Valentine’s day and you die. The Canadian slasher effortlessly highlights our hatred of the ‘butterflies and chocolates’ day. A small town known for its annual ‘love’ festival finds itself haunted by a murderous miner who will kill anyone with love on their mind. Much blood. Such gore. Wow.


The Break-up

Guy and girl meet. Fall in love. Live together. Make each other’s lives miserable. Break up. Thinking about moving in with your partner? This movie gives you the perfect reasons not to.

Gone Girl

Psycho wife fakes her own kidnapping and death in this movie that isn’t really a ‘happily ever after’ tale. Perfect for your anti-valentine marathon.



SRK woos two women. Now before you go aayyeee playa, he does it because he wants to kill their dad. Romantic, ain’t it? Also, you can dance to Kaali Kaali Ankhein while you’re at it.


American Pie

Who needs a date on Valentine’s day when you’ve got American Pie? (Yes, we mean exactly what you think we mean.)



Watch it because it’s Sooryavansham. Please. Just watch it.


Don’t forget to listen to a lot of Black Sabbath and Slayer while you’re at it.