An in-depth investigation: Why Set Max can't stop playing the Sooryavansham reruns?

The reason behind Sooryavansham reruns is finally revealed!

2016 has managed to ruin pretty much everything. If there’s anything that has managed to walk out of 2016 without getting damaged, it’s the unbreakable bond between Set Max and Sooryavansham. Set Max is that girlfriend who stays loyal to her boyfriend (Sooryavansham) through a major part of the year but ditches him for her ex (Indian Premiere League) for 2 months, only to come back to Sooryavansham in the end.


The name Set Max has now become synonymous with Sooryavansham. One can imagine all the Set Max employees being a part of the biggest Sooryavansham fanclub. Free Sooryavansham DVDs as their Diwali Bonus for all employees?


They probably have Sooryavansham tattooed on their foreheads and cannot stop fangirling each time Sr Bachchan speaks in his baritone.

An insider revealed that all the Set Max employees have made a new drinking game – each time a character delivers an over the top, cheesy and melodramatic line, everyone drinks (wink). Needless to say, they run out of alcohol halfway through the film.


While we were searching for answers, we came across a popular thread on Quora where a user revealed the reason behind the Sooryavansham reruns:

“Sony Max has purchased the rights to the film for 100 years. So it is clear that when they bought the movie rights, the film itself repeatedly shows.”

So there you have it! This is the reason why Sony Max employees have formed the biggest fan club. Do you what that means? There are still 83 more years of Sooryavansham on Set Max (Yayyy!)

However, when InUth contacted Set Max, they denied reports of any such purchase rights. “This may just well be prank played by a Quora user. We just show reruns of the movie because people love it,” said an employee on the condition of anonimity.


Beware Star Wars and Harry Potter fans! Sooryavansham fanclub is here to stay.