Amul's latest ad about limiting food portions in restaurants is something you cannot miss

Amul's latest ad is about Ram Vilas Paswan's latest move to tackle food wastage by fixing of meal portions in restaurant and hotels.

Trust Amul to never miss out on a trending topic. The Indian dairy products brand, that is famous for its witty and at times, snarky advertisements, has released their comic on the fixing of food portions in restaurant meals. Recently, the Minister of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, Ram Vilas Paswan, had spoken about limiting the amount of food portion that hotels serve to their customers in an effort to prevent wastage of food. While the motive is quite noble, we are not sure if this new scheme is the best way to achieve it.

Mostly, the response to the new scheme was negative as people believe there are better ways to tackle the problem of food wastage. Anyway, Amul didn’t miss a beat to jump in on the rising controversy. Here is the ad that they have tweeted:

While the ministry is determined to ensure that they mark the correct size for each dish by sending out questionnaires to hotels, the scheme is still very constraining for a consumer. After all, if a customer has the sense to not waste food, they will order their dish accordingly. If not, limiting food portions would not help as people can always order more dishes. This latest move has faced a lot of backlash as it does not ensure that food will not get wasted instead, it brings more complications.

Here’s how twitter reacted over the limiting of food portions: