After the Grammys, Rihanna is a meme and our lives are complete

If there's one thing we've learnt from awards season, it's that there's never gonna be a shortage of meme-worthy gifs

Despite a slew of epic performances and Red Carpet banter, the 60th Annual Grammy Awards ended up being more serious than entertaining. Not that we are complaining, but this edition of Grammys was a bit too politically-charged. Except perhaps the last 20-something seconds of Rihanna’s performance of “Wild Thoughts” along with DJ Khaled.

Towards the end of her raunchy AF dance routine at NYC’s Madison Square Garden, Riri broke into the Gwara Gwara — a South African dance. While the rest of us saw a more obvious picture of Rihanna channelling her inner wildness, others saw an opportunity — a very meme-able opportunity.

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Rihanna, Grammy Awards, 2018

(Courtesy: REUTERS/Lucas Jackson)

People  gif-ed the hell out the video:

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And once the ball got rolling, there was no putting a stop to the virality of this perfection.

Dang! Bruno may have gotten six Grammys, but we know who’s the real winner here.