Afraid of heights? Check out the world's SCARIEST swing - NEVIS SWING

Swings are supposed to bring back childhood memories, aren’t they? This one won’t.

The Nevis Swing in Queenstown is anything but ordinary. Suspended 160m above a breathtakingly beautiful valley floor, you will be pushed off the platform to create a 300m arc.

Think of it this way- if bungy jumping and swings ever had a baby, it would be the Nevis Swing. You could go upside down, straight forward or face-to-face with your partner- whatever floats your boat. And oh, you’d be flying across the valley at a speed of 120 Km/hr.

The Nevis swing is one of the most visited places in New Zealand with people throwing away their phobia and taking the scariest plunge of their lives!

Check out some adrenaline pumping images right here:




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