A tale of two doggies: How these two BFFs calm each other is all kinds of amazing

You think dogs can only be best friends with humans? Wait until you see Messy, a yellow Labrador and Audi, a Husky, hugging for the first time

As they say “A dog is man’s best friend”. But this saying does not apply only to humans, dogs are great friends to other doggos too. Don’t believe us? This heartwarming tale of two best friends Messy, a yellow Labrador, and Husky Audi living across the streets is winning the internet.

Both doggies, living in Thailand, have found a real friend in each other. They live on the streets across each other and whenever Audi’s owner is off to work leaving him anxious and alone, Messy is the one to step in and pacify his friend.

Dogs, Messy and Audi

Messy, the yellow Labrador, calmed his best friend Audi whenever he was lonely (Credit: The Dodo)

According to Messy’s owner Oranit Kittragul, whenever Audi is crying or lonely, Messy looks across the fence and exchange few friendly barks at Audi which have proven to be extremely effective in keeping the lonely pooch calm.

Oranit told The Dodo that, ““My dog just looks from my fence and sometimes he barks to [Audi]. I don’t know what they are communicating, but he stops crying.”

And if you think this is the best part, please read it till the end.

So even though they turned into each other’s homies, yet they never got the chance to hang out together until recently, when all that changed for the doggo pals.

Dogs, Messy and Audi

Messy’s owner Oranit captured this beautiful moment of the two doggies meeting. (Credit: The Dodo)

One day, Audi’s owner left for work accidentally leaving the gate ajar, that is when the black and white floof ran towards Messy and the duo hugged for a good time. Paw-some isn’t it?

Dogs, Messy and Audi

Best friends Messy and Audi meeting for the first time (Credit: The Dodo)

Thankfully, Oranit captured the beautiful moment and since then, the picture is breaking the internet. And why not? These two are a perfect example that ‘love is right across the street, you just have to look’.

We ship these two so hard because this is a match made in doggo heaven.

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