A Racoon Scaled 23 Storeys In The US & Anxious Tweeps Started Pulling Their Hair

The internet hasn't been as captivated by an animal since when a baby panda sneezed and woke up her mother

A racoon scaled 23 storeys of a skyscraper in St. Paul, Minnesota (US) on June 12 and his daredevilry (or stupidity) brought an entire nation to a standstill.

Because, you know, Americans are jobless like that.

The animal was first spotted huddled in a nook in the city’s Town Square building. When building workers tried to rescue it from falling, the racoon instead climbed around 23 storeys of the adjacent UBS building — the tallest in the city. A local news channel—MPR News—broke the story and since then, many are rooting for the poor fellow to survive with the hashtag #mprraccoon.

Stuck without food and water for two days, the animal mostly just chilled and groomed itself as Tweeple began pulling their hair out. The whole episode has put the entire Internet on edge.

The ‘spider-racoon’ has inspired many artists to dedicate their art to save the animal.

The little guy even got a Twitter page of its own.

The whole ordeal reminds us that the concrete jungle is not a safe place for stray animals.

The racoon then climbed down a few storeys and people then seemed to have lost their calm.

People were just a slip away from turning into the Malian guy who scaled 4 storeys to save a baby in France.

The racoon later scaled the side of the building again after he was lured by cat food kept by workers and firefighters present on the roof of the skyscraper.

People, you can now breathe. He has made it!