Watch: This old hair-oil TVC has gone massively viral. Here's why

Unlike many commercial which promote their product, here's an ad which does just the opposite and has gone viral. Do watch it.

There are a lot of brilliant advertisements out there but this one is special. This TVC (Television Commerical) is special because it has been produced by a popular hair-oil company of Bangladesh, Jui Coconut Oil and you would expect a woman with long, smooth and flowy hair but not in this one. It shows a woman asking the salon attendant to cut her long and beautiful hair shorter and shorter. Why though? The answer is heartbreaking.

The advertisement carries a strong message against domestic violence and asks women not to keep quiet. The video starts with a bride getting ready for her marriage in a salon. As she leaves, the attendant calls in the other woman, who’s waiting for a hair cut. The attendant commends the woman for her extremely beautiful hair and suggests that she should rather get it trimmed. The woman plainly tells her to cut it short. After cutting a few inches, the attendant asks the woman if the length is fine but she again asks her to cut the length down. With much reluctance, the attendant cuts a few inches more and this process goes on. In the end, when the woman holds her short hair, she bursts out in tears and  asks the attendant to cut the hair so short that ‘no one be able to grab it again’. Hearing this, all the other women in the salon look at her in shock and pain.
The initiative by a hair-oil company against domestic violence is commendable. At the end of the video is a helpline number assuring the ‘survivors’ of domestic violence help and asking them not to compromise anymore. The video has been shared on Best Ads page on Facebook and received 4.3 million views and has been shared over 75 k times. Do watch the video: