A Dog's Purpose premiere cancelled after leaked video horrifies viewers

Footage of the dog being ill-treated on sets leaked online, causing online outrage that subsequently led to the premiere being cancelled. Watch the horrifying video here:

The premiere of of A Dog’s Purpose has been cancelled.

This happened after footage of a German shepherd being forced to perform stunts and jump into water went viral online, causing major outrage on social media. PETA and Animal lovers came together on social media to demand a boycott of the movie ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ on Wednesday after TMZ published the disturbing leaked video taken on the set.
The studio that produced the movie has announced that there will be no premiere for the movie to avoid further problems or possible violent scenes and demonstrations. Press junkets have also been called off ‘in the best interest of the movie.’

Post the debacle, the official movie trailer released by Universal Pictures on YouTube has received thousands of negative comments where users are asking everyone to boycott the movie. Similar is the case with IMDb, where people are giving the movie one star and asking everyone to boycott it.

Watch the video here:

A man behind the camera can be heard saying, “He ain’t gonna calm down until he goes in the water. You’ve just got to throw him in.”
The subsequent scene shows the dog struggling to keep his head above the water as the pool waves carry him across the pool.

Josh Gad, the actor who provided the voice of the featured dog in the movie, tweeted out his response after seeing the video that surfaced on Wednesday.

Soon enough, #BoycottADogsPurpose began trending on Twitter with people expressing their anger towards the entire scenario:

Isn’t it a man’s purpose to be gentle and kind towards his loyal best friend?
Despite everything that went down, the studio has said that the movie release is unaffected and will roll out next Friday, 27 January 2017.