9-year-old 'Guardian of the Galaxy' applies for job at NASA. They responded with this

The space agency was pretty amused with the kid's job application and replied clarifying what the job of a Planetary Protection Officer actually requires. NASA's response is heartwarming. Read on.

A nine-year-old applied for NASA’s (National Aeronautical Space Agency) Planetary Protection Officer’s post, the post which was all over internet last week for the massive compensation it offered.  The fourth-grader wrote an adorable ‘cover’ letter to NASA applying for the position listing out his qualifications thereby proving why he totally ought to get the job.

“One of the reasons I think I would be fit for the job is because my sister says that I am an alien’, wrote Jack while asking NASA to consider his candidature. A totally legit reasoning if we may be allowed to say so.

NASA received Jack’s letter and went through his qualifications which involved him having watched alien movies and American television series, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. The adorable boy was quite convinced that Planetary Protection Officer’s job requires one to protect Earth from the alien attack.  But the space agency, which was pretty amused with the kid’s job application, replied clarifying the job description.

The agency wrote back to Jack outlining that the Planetary Protection Officer’s job requires making sure that the planet is safe from the microbial attack and not the extra-terrestrial beings. NASA’s job posting was


The agency took to Twitter to post Jack’s adorable job application letter as well as their response and Twitter was at it again:



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We still cannot get over this and this tweet is exactly how we feel about it. Also, he signs off as ‘Guardian of the Galaxy’.