9 times people were absolutely shameless on social media

Can we get these people banned from the internet?

It’s a well known fact that social media is a playground for all sorts of weirdos out there. While most people use it to share interesting stories about their life , some just post things that are straight up CRINGE worthy.

We’ve compiled a list of the worst social media posts ever. Thank us later.

Check em out:

Avid social media user Francesca Fierros Palomino posed in all black and bright red lipstick to snap a picture in front of her granddad’s coffin at his funeral and shared the bizarre snap with her Snapchat followers. In her native Spanish, she captioned the photo “Rest in Peace, granddad” and added coffin and old man emojis.


This guy straight up just face swapped with a dead guy.



Yes, keeping it in your pants until you are all alone is the thing of the past. Semi-nude photos on Facebook and disgusting PDA is the way to go!


Straight up Pluto fam!


She just got served with some military style justice. Respect the troops!


This guy started a whole Twitter series about witnessing a live murder and then it turned out to be a hoax. And the Oscar for the best jerk on social media goes to..


*Slowly shuts the laptop screen*

*Stares into the void*


You can’t blame a guy for trying, right?


Oh, Hillary. So much cringe. SO much.


Can we please just delete the internet already?