9 hilarious things stoned people have posted online

*hits blunt* bruhh

We’ve all been there. The first thing you go to after getting stoned or drunk is your phone. Tweeting/Instagramming/posting on Facebook seem like the best ideas because brruh I’m so zen right now.

These people have taken stoned posting to a whole new level with their ridiculous online antics. While some of these are harmless tweets stoners posted when they were in the zone, some of these social media posts got people fired from their jobs.

Some of these will make you giggle. Some will make you want to switch off your phone every time you roll a blunt or go out to get drunk.

Do not hit that blunt before reading this article. Check them out here:

Let the soap hit the floooooooor.  *screeches*


I’m on a boat, motherlover.


The person in charge of the Chrysler Autos Twitter account was clearly stoned when he tweeted this out:


This stoned guy peed in a Tacobell dish and posted it online. Fired, obviously.


This will always be the funniest thing on the internet:


Damn Facebook, you a graveyard.


The Star Sports’ social media guy took stoned tweeting to the next level. Chup.


This teacher posted a picture of herself. Stoned. Naked and wet. Yes, yes. Fired.


Special shoutout to this semi-naked guy:

*hits blunt* bruhh