9 (hilarious) questions Chetan Bhagat can ask on #AskYourFM

Chetan Bhagat is set to host the #AskYourFM segment today with our finance minister. We've made a list of all the ways it could go (hilariously) wrong.

Our beloved writer/critic/Twitter-troller/reality show judge Chetan Bhagat is all set to host #AskYourFM talkathon at 6:30pm today. For all those who have no clue, it’s a LIVE Youtube stream where our Finance Minister Arun Jaitley will be talking to the people directly. People can tweet out their questions using #AskYourFM and our finance minister will be solving their queries.

Sounds like a great initiative.

Now since Chetan Bhagat is a well known personality in the world of trolling, we’re really looking forward to this!
Chetan has been famously trolled on Twitter for his not-so-intellectual tweets. He has encountered many foot-in-mouth situations and the Twitter burns have been pretty savage!

We’ve compiled a list of hilarious questions or awkward moments that could possibly go down during the LIVE session with the finance minister:

1) What do Finance ministers do? I’m genuinely curious. This is tax. That is finance. Ok work done for the day.

2) Chetan: Sir, I asked you to read a copy of ‘One Indian Girl’ during the Budget. Did you?
Arun Jaitley:

3) So maternity benefit scheme doesn’t apply to men. Because men, you know, can never be robbed, attacked, feel unsafe or get pregnant.

4) Chetan: Sir, there is a dire need of reforms in the public sanitation department, especially public washrooms. What is the government doing on that?
Arun Jaitley:

5) If I don’t have a 9 to 5 salaried job, why should I pay income tax?


6) I have only half a girlfriend. Can she get a 50 percent tax exemption?

7) Chetan: Here’s our Finance Minister Anur Jaitley.
Arun Jaitley: umm..it’s Arun Jaitley.
Chetan: Haha. Got That. My bad



8) Chetan: What about the people in tribal areas. How is the government planning to further help them?
Arun Jaitley:

9) Chetan: Sir, since you’ve proposed to introduce a system of measuring annual learning in schools, can you also try and include my novels in the syllabus?

Arun Jaitley:

Chetan recently tweeted out about the Live session:

All jokes and trolls apart, this is a really great initiative and we hope it helps the youth understand the budget better!