9 brutal tweets that totally settle the Veg Biryani versus Pulao debate

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are of a biryani lover.Take it with a pinch of salt, swaad anusaar.

For years and years, Biryani lovers have been up in arms against vegetarians terming a spicy variation of pulao as Veg Biryani. Because let’s face it: what is even Veg Biryani? A rice preparation with vegetables is called Pulao or as Biharis call it, Tehri. Why would any vegetarian cook pulao and call it Veg Biryani? I mean why?

We can’t seem to be putting the debate around the Vegetarian Biryani vs the Non-Vegetarian Biryani to rest anytime soon if any of these hilarious memes on the internet are an indication. There is no such thing as a Veg Biryani, that is just pulao disguised in a fancy dressing but it cannot be morphed into the genius of spices that is a Biryani. And mind you, we say Biryani and not Non-Veg Biryani because there is after all no other competitor of Biryani in its truest sense.

And while this Civil War between vegetarians and non-vegetarians continues, we can only hope that Twitter will not go ballistic with memes and jokes galore. However, all you see is the constant activism of devout biryani lovers on social media platforms, trying their best to keep the flag of biryani lovers flying high in the sky.










Perhaps it is the fact that vegetarians don’t have enough options and they tend to focus on what is not their own. So then let’s not ruin on the legacy of something as grand as Biryani or by demeaning it by giving it vegetarian twist. Call it a Pulao, not Biryani. Period.


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