7 horror stories from Indian hostels that will give you goosebumps

Some horror stories just won't quit haunting you. Caution: Proceed at your own risk

College hostels are full of stories and the ones that stay with you forever are not when you played truant or was out beyond your curfew time. No the best stories from hostels stem from the one emotion: fear. These are horror stories that have haunted not just hostels but also the lives of the inmates of the hostel. Horror stories are a part of college folklore obviously.

But real or not, these horror stories ARE truly as scary as they are intriguing.

  1. Like this one story from Sheetal Maurya who recounts a particularly scary story:

I have read this story and it really scared me. It is the story where one girl died in hostel room by fire. Later the face of the victim emerged on the hostel door. Authority has changed the door but her face still emerge on the door.

2. And then there is this Jyoti Prakash Nayak:

I don’t know why but every college hostel in India has this locked room where someone or other committed suicide. So it was my first year in BTech and as said we also had a room rocked and haunted because some girl died in that room. It was okay till first two months and then one night someone was too high and went to washroom at around 3 at night when he saw some shadow and rumoured that it’s some spirit in white clothes and hostel is possessed. People were too damn scared to go to washroom alone during night. I remember when my roomie asked one night to along so that he can take a leak to which I obviously denied and he looked for someone else to go. Some religious guys decided to have a exorcism which they actually did and asked everyone to sit on ground while they do the rituals. It was hell of a night.

3. This girl from an Anonymous handle said:

Late at night one can easily hear sounds of dribbling like those while playing basketball in my balcony. At first I thought it was AC making noises so I stopped it. But the sounds of dribble didn’t stop. The balcony from which the sounds came was common to me and my friend next to me. I asked her if she heard those voices but she said she didn’t.


4. Or when this girl heard voices everytime it went dark:

Whenever I closed the lights and go to the bed I’d always hear voices like- someone wearing my slippers and walking in my room. One day while studying at night I heard someone tapping nail inside wall. It was coming from the roof. I thought maybe some work is going on on the terrace. The loudness of sound was continuously increasing and I got disturbed and went to the rooftop to request them to please reduce the noises they are making. When I went there I saw no one and maybe the workers have gone. Back to my room I sat on the chair to study and the noises began again.

5. Or the terrible doom of listening to inhuman shrieks at night:

One night when mom was with me in hostel due to my sickness, I had to go to hospital and wasted a lot of time. So to compensate, I studied until 12:30 at night. I and my mom slept after 1:00 am. After 15 minutes of our going to bed, we heard horrible shrieks from outside as if someone crying in pain. It was like someone is tortured or badly injured. They continued all night but to my horror no one on my floor had heard anything like it.

6. Or when the random ghost wants your blanket:

As I was about to sleep someone pulled my blanket and I heard someone breathing heavily at corner of the bed. I removed the blanket to see who it was but I saw nothing but air and darkness. The breathing sounds continued and I was so scared that instead of running outside I covered myself with blanket and pillow on my face. After a few seconds I was covered with sweat and I could hear my heartbeats. The voices were gone now and I somehow slept.

7. When one roommate seems possessed:

When suddenly he gets up in half sitting position in the middle of the night, stares at his roommate who is standing at the door for 5 seconds and goes back to sleep! His roommate did not go inside the room for next 20 minutes because this was something he did frequently.

Perhaps these stories were nothing but conjurings of someone’s brain, or perhaps they were really haunted hostels that exist, no one can ever really no. Denial rocks!

Source: Quora


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