7 hilarious things that all Indian PT teachers have said at some point

As kids, we always wanted subtitles for our PT teachers. While they’d spend majority of their timing separating boys and girls and deciding which punishment to give us for opening our mouth, they’d sometimes say things that we still, as adults, have not understood.

PT teachers seem to have memorized their dialogues from some kind of dialogue because almost every PT teacher, says these phrases at least once, and every Indian student can identify with them.

Checkout 7 PT teacher dialogues that’ll take you down memory lane:

1. 3 rounds

Every PT teacher has one response to anything you say- go take 3 rounds of the ground.

Sir can I go to… “3 rounds!”

Sir may I drink wa… “3 rounds!”

Sir I just took 3 roun… “3 more rounds!”


2. Recite the national pledge

Our PT exam would just be a bunch of weird questions like ‘What is the circumference of a football’ and ‘Recite the national pledge in Hindi’.


3. Stand in a straight circle!



4. Bracelets? Rings? Not under my watch!

Not just bracelets and rings, even if you wore a watch that wasn’t a basic analog watch, they’d go crazy. Yeah, they know you were planning on hacking the entire school’s database with your watch.


5. One hand distance

Planet Earth as we know it would come to a halt if every student in the assembly didn’t have a one hand distance.


6. Cut your nails

According to PT teachers, cutting your nails is the solution to everything. Even if your uniform is shreds, even if your hair looks like you just survived a hurricane, the PT teacher will just have one question– Why are your nails not cut?

7. Why is your hair not oiled?

Seriously, why does your hair not have 5 litres of oil? Why does it not look like a middle eastern country? Please go home and come back only when every molecule of your hair is drenched in oil.