5 types of memes we really don't want to see in 2018

From body-shaming to plain stupid, here are 5 meme formats we wish we don't see in 2018

From the ‘Shaadi karungi toh sirf…’ memes that highlight deep-rooted racism Indians suffer from (dark-skinned people are often frowned upon) to excruciatingly painful ‘Someone whose name starts with A has to buy you a pizza’ memes, we’ve seen some of the most ridiculous as well as obnoxious content on the internet this year. Not just these, we also saw memes where disabilities (Durgesh memes) and drug addiction (Kamlesh memes) were mocked.

From racism to plain stupid, 2018 saw a lot of memes that were either totally distasteful or were not at all funny. And, with the latest meme-tagging culture, we all were tortured with these annoying memes flooding our social media notifications.

Here’s a list of 5 meme formats that we really don’t wish to see in 2018 :

1) Someone whose name begins with __ has to buy you __

No, you’re not getting free burgers/pizzas/dinner or lunch. So, all those who are tagging their friends in these absolutely ridiculous memes, need to stop right away, if not for the love of God, then at least for the love of food.

2) Tag a Neha/Rahul/Riya/Rohan

Let’s get one thing clear: There’s no such thing as Neha/Rahul/Riya/Shriya/Priya day. Let alone tagging people whose names start with a certain letter, how can someone be even amused with such memes. On that note, who even came up with these absurd memes? Can we please ban these instead of Padmavati.


3) Shaadi karungi toh sirf..

Rasict, bodyshaming memes are never fun. They weren’t fun in 2017, they won’t be fun in 2018. Side note, the people in the pictures that you mock with such enthusiasm, wouldn’t really want to marry you anyway.

Can meme page admins evolve into decent human beings, and can we people start behaving like a progressive society for once?

4) Tag the future wife/husband of

Again, why is this meme even a thing? Have we really ran out of meme material that we resort to these lowlife memes? A kid in kindergarten could probably make better memes than these. Seriously, c’mon guys!

5) Horrible name puns

While some of these are actually funny, let’s not go overboard with the name puns in 2018. We think we’ve pretty much covered ’em all in 2017.

Please spare us the horror. We sincerely hope to see better memes in 2018!