5 of the most annoying habits of a die hard FRIENDS fan. How many do you have?

Tired of FRIENDS references or constant rants about the cult show? Then these may be the possible things that'll annoy you about a FRIENDS fan!

So no one told you life is gonna be this way…you’re living with a FRIENDS fan and you cannot get away. F.R.I.E.N.D.S worshippers are the best people around, but if you are not a fan of the cult show (why though?!) you may possibly get irritated by the constant reruns, finding books in the freezer, being part of naked Thursday rituals, ordering Joey specials on Fridays, and watching your friends piously wishing for a FRIENDS reunion when there are gazillions of good shows around (Hello!! Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, Breaking Bad, House of Cards…endless list).It’s more than two decades since the show started but a FRIENDS fan knows how to show his loyalty.

While all the fist palms, bamboozle games and PIVOTing come naturally to a FRIENDS fan, all this can be a little overwhelming for a non-FRIENDS lover. And before you know it, the difference between reality and Central Perk will be indistinguishable, even if you don’t want it to.

We know you are begrudging the ever increasing FRIENDS fad, and are likely to send us a hate mail if we go on ranting about the best show ever (pliss no), but okay, let’s talk about you. A non-FRIENDS lover. Here are the few things that are bound to annoy you about a FRIENDS fan:

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1) The Song Recitals!

The theme song recitals are a legit thing. If you are living with a FRIENDS fan, you may have heard him/her involuntarily humming the theme song while doing the chores or studying or taking a shower! Yes, we know it’s old and you’d possibly prefer ED Sheeran instead, but you have to live with it.

And more than that, there is ‘Smelly Cat’. Have you ever heard a song so weird but filled with pathos? Ah! only Pheobe can do it!



2) STOP With The Reruns Already!!

You and your friend have come home late from a tired evening, and you are lying on you bed wanting to sleep, but no, you’ll probably have to stay awake at night hearing Ross say Unagi, or Rachel and Monica fighting or hear the chick and duck rambling!


I’d say you’d probably feel like Mr Heckles then, but no you won’t get it!



3) Could You STOP Saying ‘Could you be’?


“Could you be more irritating?”, you may have wondered after all the ‘Could you Be’ puns, but hey, Chandler is our spirit animal and #SorryNotSorry

4) Group Parties Are Another Word For FRIENDS Gala


If you are planning a party with your friends who happen to love the show, it is most likely you guys would end up staying at home watching FRIENDS and discussing how you don’t even have a ‘pla’ about life. And possibly, you want to discuss the remarkable Mrs Underwood, but sorry cuz gotta learn lessons on Unagi, or watch Red Ross.

5) The Tagging Never Ends


There are a billion pages of FRIENDS on social media and you may be tagged in most of them. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…there’s no escape.


Even if you hate the show, we’d still like to believe that you are secretly a fan! #FRIENDSForever


Which point would you consider a deal breaker? Tell us in the comment section below.

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