5 counter-demands in response to SC's firecracker ban that will leave you speechless

A lot of people seem to have missed the memo that said crackers are a Chinese invention. Want to uphold tradition? Light a diya, not a rocket then.

When the SC decided to ban the sale of crackers ahead of Diwali in the national capital region, it was sure to be met with some dissent. There are now, on social media, two decidedly hostile camps. Those hailing the move, and those who consider it to be a direct attack against Hindu festivals. The air ambient quality check that the Supreme Court has adhered to might have been a logical step, much like the Odd-Even Rule by CM Arvind Kejriwal. But instead of environmental issues – way too many are discussing how through this ruling, ‘Hindus are being targeted’.

Like most issues in recent times, this one too is being viewed under communal lenses. And in doing so the junta has unwittingly raised 5 issues which according to them seem like sane counter-demands:

  1. When someone spoke about cremations contributing to air pollution. Wait. What? There are no mass scale cremations that carry on for two days or more days.

2) This one guy who decided to that banning crackers is definitely a communal move.


3) This guy who cannot fathom how mass scale bursting of crackers for two days cannot be equated to one off events:


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4) This fellow who not only equated cracker ban with all-night dandiya nights, but also hasn’t been taught that sound pollution is a thing too.

5) And the one who missed the memo that clearly said Diwali is the ‘festival of lights’. Also missed the memo that said crackers were not only invented by the Chinese, but were introduced much, much later to feed the firecracker industry. Traditions, you say? Light a diya, not a rocket then.

Something tells us smuggling crackers across the NCR border is about to become a thing, just to prove a warped up point. The fight to save the planet isn’t proving a particularly satisfying, is it?

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