3 words better than I Love You? Twitter is winning at this game with brutally honest responses

Twitter = Slaying the wordgame since 2006

Twitter is literally the coolest place to be and Twitterati are known for being insanely creative with their choices of trolls or roast. With fabricating new hilarious trends, taking a funny dig at celebrities or even to roasting old pictures and videos of famous personalities or maybe just their ability to make something extremely silly to something extremely goofy and viral, you are sure to agree that Twitterati are one genius and innovative lot. These goofy wits can actually turn a silly story into a cool trend or even more a cool troll. So after roasting the Bandra girls and being done with the Legend jokes, it’s time for a new trend.


Speaking of latest trends, love is totally not a new concept and it has been far done and spoken about. Sure, the age of chivalry and classical love can never be dead but in this world of social media dating and quick mingling, an ‘I Love You’ doesn’t really give you jittery feels or those dreamy butterflies in the stomach. In fact, it is now extremely cheesy and mawkish. In the world of Netflix and Chill, an I Love You may feel like going a little over-the-top with your steaming romance or new found love. So when a Twitter user ‘Bakwas Rider’ asked his fellow folks for suggestions “3 words better than ‘I Love You'”, Twitterati exploded with their extremely innovative and quick-witted responses. Here’s what they have to say:

Inner Joey approves:

More power to women…

The One with the Businessman:

Ungli Baba sure knows how to poke his ‘ungli’:

The Truth has been said:


And for your homies…

Well, you would agree these are absolutely hysterical. Let us which one is your favourite? Till then, Hail thee Twitter..