23 things every younger sibling on this planet will relate to

Dear Younger Sibling The sooner you accept that you will never be number one priority the better it will be Yours Truly The Older Sibling

“Tujhe toh kachre ke dibbe se uthaya hai!” That infamous dialogue, that we picked you up from the dustbin, the incessant nagging, the bloodshed in the living room over the remote control, the fight for the shotgun seat, the run to be the first person inside the door and the endless drama that only siblings can relate to. Especially if you are the younger sibling, you would have faced a certain kind of treatment that was prepared in the laboratory of an older sibling’s head only for a lab rat fit to surpass the test once he was delivered safely from the hospital. This lab rat is none other than the younger sibling, the punching bag, the synonym of hired help, the one-to-be-bullied until death do them apart and basically the prototype which will have all the experiments conducted over him/her from this day forth.

Birth order myths are not a fad anymore, there is actual scientific evidence to back the personality and cognition that comes with the order in which siblings are born and raised. But there is some truth in the birth order stereotypes. Apart from having the genetic advantage of being first born, the older sibling comes equipped with a bandwagon of traits that may or may not reach the plate of the younger sibling.

Of all the myths that come associated with that of having an older sibling which is associated to having a blessing, there is the expectation and then there is reality:

And while every younger sibling has faced the excruciating torture of an older sibling, Twitter has the best response to the age-old older-sibling vs younger sibling wars.

  1. They seem to get away with everything

2. Somehow they have the power to override all the rules. Shotgun or dibs don’t seem relevant if you are the second cog in the wheel

3. When your older sibling is always a priority and you have to spend an eternity being the second choice, it becomes quite rough.

4. And they seem to have absolute authority when it comes to the remote control

5. But if your mother was to catch you fighting and you have to call truce (even if it is fake!)

6. And then there are personality traits associated with you, if you do not exude confidence and are co-dependent on another sibling, certainly you can’t be the older one.

7. Or when you are introduced in reference to your sibling and seem to have no identity of your own

8. And you are blamed for everything, even the things that are not under your control like your height

9. You are the first suspect if your older sibling loses anything


10.  They don’t get it that you have the toughest job in the room already

11. And the unfortunate things you have to see, suffer and also, smell

12. They are too good at stealing your thunder

13. And god forbid if you protest, you will be schooled for talking back to your older sibling

14. Or you try to sneak out in their clothes or other borrowed material, remember: They will hunt you down, they will find you and they will kill you.

15. And you have one response for all the bullying that you have to suffer: It is an older sibling thing

16. There is a plus side to it all. You do learn from the sloppy mistakes of your older sibling as you watch and laugh from the sidelines

17. But the verdict remains the same, if you survive an older sibling you can basically survive a holocaust

18. They maybe chidng you and bossing you around but they actually step up and take care of you in the absence of your parents


19. The good point is, they will always be there to watch your back. As much as they love annoying the crap out of you, if someone so much as lays a single finger on you, be rest assured that you will be sawed into pieces

20. And they watch your back because they don’t want you to see that the world is a horrible, god-awful place

21. And they may as well be the guinea-pig for all the experiments that the parents have to undertake, and the younger sibling doesn’t have a clue of the horrors that ever existed

22. Everyone says that you two look similar and the world is #twinning but you don’t see it

23. But you still love them to death (or not)

And while Twitterati may continue the older sibling vs younger sibling in the times to come and you continue to fight with your older sibling continues, remember that in the deepest darkest of times, there will be a lunatic rooting for you to emerge victoriously. And on that note, Amen.

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