2018 is only 5 months away? This tweet has sent Twitter into a total meltdown

I thought Satan didn't have a Twitter account.

We start our years with lies. Lies such as, “I’m gonna start being more responsible now”, “I’ll definitely start working out this year” or “I’m not gonna be a disappointment to my parents for real.” Where are you at now? Don’t throw the basic “I still have time left.” Turn your naive little heads to the calendar, guys. It’s August already! We are way past the first half of this year already with about five months left until 2018 hits. And what have you achieved this year? You really don’t have to answer to us. We’ll just let your innate self-loathing mechanism to take it from here.

Anyway, this deplorable question did not come from us so you can put your pitchforks down. This one Twitter user is the sole reason behind your incoming existential crisis (Pitchforks. NOW!). He tweeted: “We’re 7 months into the year. How much have you achieved?” The tweet that hit home pretty hard has since gone viral and perhaps you can find solace in the replies from equally under-achieving adults who are pretty much feeling worthless in unison.

Here are some of the replies to the infamous tweet that are totally relatable AF:

Feeling better about yourself yet? Well, don’t. ‘Cause there are some over-achieving nerds who are really not modest

Look at them with their proud degrees and gold medals dazzling, hung on the walls of their homes.

Oh really, Betsy? I haven’t even done my laundry in two weeks. WHAT THE HELL MAN!

Pretty sure these are the kind of people who would remind the teacher about homework or tests back in school. Anyway, since we’re on the subject, what have you achieved this year? #SorryNotSorry

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