2018 is almost here and people are making (hilarious) New Year's resolutions

Here are some hilarious New Year resolutions people have come up with, despite the fact that they are over-hyped and actually mean nothing.

Since the New Year is slowly nearing, a lot of people around us are indulging in retrospection and coming up with some amazing New Year’s resolutions to start making positive changes in their life that they’ve been putting off for quite some time now.

Have you re-evaluated your life choices yet? Well, if not, now’s your chance to sit down and make a list of important changes you want to make in your life and… just kidding. 

Since most New Year resolutions are just a joke, here are some hilarious New Year resolutions people have come up with to celebrate the fact that New Year resolutions are over-hyped and actually mean nothing:

Honestly, go for it!


We just wanna get on this guy’s confidence level

Obviously, someone had to crack that joke!


Shouldn’t this be everyone’s resolution at this point?


*Existential crisis intensifies*

This one’s for all the YouTubers and social media influencers:

One simple idea that can change the world-

Words of wisdom for our puppy friends out there

That’s actually true.

And finally, here’s what should be your number one priority: