16-year-old rejects Rs 42-Crore offer for his website. Find out why!

This 16-year-old schoolboy is super confident for his age. He just rejected a 42-crore offer made by a company for a website he made. Find out why.

We were too busy playing video games and watching YouTube videos to bother about anything else on the planet when we were 16. Here’s a kid who is a stark contrast- A 16-year-old Mohammed Ali.

This young boy from Dewsbury, Yorkshire recently rejected an offer worth £5 million for a website that he designed in his bedroom. That’s almost Rs. 42 crores he let go!

Why did he do this?
16-year-old Ali, who designed a price comparison website called weneed1.com, believes that the concept he curated is worth way more than the offer he got and this is why he rejected the offer like a straight up boss!

He co-created the site with Chris Thorpe, a 60 year old, and they both took the joint decision of saying no to the offer.

(Photo: mercury press)

“We met the investors in London, they were a global data driven company, and they didn’t realize I created all the technology involved. The main reason we rejected the offer was because, if the technology and concept is worth millions already, just think how much it will be worth once people use it.” He was quote saying.
Ali added that his website offers real-time quotes and not the pre-fixed ones that other insurance websites offer. This is the main reason why weneed1.com can be the next big thing in the future.

But was letting go of such an extravagant amount of moolah a good move? Ali says he is pretty confident his website will go on to become a house-hold name.

Watch the boy-genius give some amazing advice on entrepreneurship:

His website is all set to launch on January 28.
Do we have a new Zuckerberg in the offing? Kudos to you, kid!