10 scary YouTube videos you shouldn't see. Warning: May cause nightmares !

This article contains links to the dark side of YouTube. Would you dare to watch em all?

YouTube is a seemingly innocent video sharing website, isn’t it? Plus the YouTube community guidelines are pretty strict so we know any pornographic, violent or offensive material is taking down as soon as possible. But one genre escapes the list- horror.

YouTube has a strange side that many avid web-surfers are aware of..and it ain’t pretty. These videos narrate or show some of the scariest tales ever told on the internet. Viewer discretion is advised for some of these.

Here’s a list of YouTube videos you should NOT watch. Especially if you’re home alone. Seriously, watch some Teletubbies reruns instead:

10) Disturbing 911 calls.

911 is an emergency hotline number in the United States where citizens can call in-case of any emergency- and most of these emergencies include gore, murder, intruders and death. These videos will single-handedly make you shiver, cry and want to hide under your bed at the same time.

9) Creeper in my apartment

This video went viral way back in 2009 and still gives us the chills. A woman breaks into a couple’s apartment every night and stalks them. The video is scary enough to make you check your locks thrice before going to bed every night.

8) Creepypasta

Creepy pasta is a YouTube Horror show with a British twist. They present videos of the macabre- from creepypastas of the unknown to true stories from the web.

Their bio asks you to put in your headphones, turn off your lights, and let them take you to a place of dark imagination. Our advice: DON’T!

7) Plague mask video

YouTube isn’t even sure what this is. Is it a death threat? A subliminal message? Or simply a publicity stunt? Whatever it is..we’re not gonna watch the entire thing.

6) Subliminal brand/song/pop-culture messages

These videos break down famous songs/videos/brand logos to reveal scary hidden messages they might be trying to send. Although the authenticity of these allegations is questionable, they’re still pretty scary to watch.

5) Blue cat blues

This is the last episode of Tom and Jerry where they allegedly commit suicide. Although the video doesn’t show them dying, you can see the duo sitting on the railway track waiting to end their lives and it’s not a pretty scene. You can hear the train rushing towards them.

4) Amanda Todd

In 2012, a teenager made a video after facing bullying in school. The video went viral gaining over 12m views. The teenage committed suicide a few weeks later as she was unable to handle the pressure her bullies were putting on her.

3) Great Grandma’s Coffin in My Own Backyard!

Warning: Graphic
This mute man kept his Grandma’s coffin in his own backyard and innocently asks the question – Is it against the law to keep the coffin with a dead body in your own yard? Ummm..yeah.

2) Political suicide

Warning: Extremely graphic. Viewer discretion is advised
One of the most controversial videos of all time, this video shows Politician Budd Dwyer doing the unthinkable and taking his own life at a press conference in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in 1981. He did so as he was under debt and couldn’t repay it.
The event was televised to a live audience.

1) Deep Web stories

The deep web is the hidden part of the internet where all the illegal activities take place – right from buying drugs to broadcasting murders LIVE. In these videos, people tell us accounts of their scary tryst with the deep web and how they made it out alive.