10 times Spongebob and Patrick gave us friendship goals !

Who trolls in a pineapple under the sea? SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!

It’s no secret that Spongebob and Patrick are officially the best BFFFFs on the planet. Ever since we were kids, we’ve looked up to their friendship and now that we’re (kinda) adults, let’s take a deeper look at their friendship and figure out 10 important life lessons we can learn from these two.

Who knew we’d be learning about friendship from the misadventures of a yellow anthropomorphic sea sponge living in a pineapple house who physically resembles an artificial, rectangular, kitchen-type cleaning sponge clad in brown short pants, a white shirt and a red tie, and a starfish who lives under a rock.

Check out 10 golden ‘Spongebob-Patrick’ BFF rules:

No matter how stupid the joke, laugh when it’s your BFF!


Remember when Spongebob and Patrick made their own world inside a cardboard box? It teaches us you can have fun in any situation when your BFF is by your side. Tough luck, Squidward.


Never be ashamed to rock those ‘Best friend’ tees!

Always have that secret handshake/dance nobody knows about. Cherish it.

Be your BFFS partner in crime and get wasted together.


Ya’ll should stay together till you find the one. And after that too. Let’s face it, no one’s good enough to replace your BFF.


Don’t judge your BFF when they eat like a pig. You sit right next to them and start gulping.

You sometimes gotta do things you don’t enjoy, just to see your BFF smile.

You know your BFF isn’t very bright, but you love em’ anyway!

Remember that one time Spongebob and Patrick had a fight, but then remembered how much they care about each other? That.



*Hums the Goofy Goober tune*