10 times dogs were better than humans at human things

Who needs people when you have dogs?

There is no debating the fact that dogs are the best things on the planet because unlike most people (and most cats), they love you unconditionally. Apart from the usual love and life-long loyalty, they make your selfies look less cringe-worthy, they love to snuggle and they’re the best cheering you up whenever you’re sad. They inspire you to stop and sniff the flowers once in a while.

Dogs can make peace with their mortal enemies- cats. And people can’t even make peace within their own species.

Every dog lover knows that dogs dressed as humans is pretty adorable and when you think about it, they look much better than people.

Here’s a list of dogs doing people things. And winning at it.

Business dog.

Business dog is all business. Business dog has no time for your nonsense.


Lifeguard dog

We understand the appeal of watching red bathing suit clad lifeguards run down the beach, but lifeguard dogs are so much more efficient. And cuter.

Singer dog

Better than Bieber. ‘Nuff said.

Parent dog

It helps that their babies are adorable as hell, but yeah.


Firefighter dog

Because a firefighter cat would never work.


Architect dog

Googled ‘Dog the builder’. Was not disappointed.


Doctor dog
Dog: Will you be willing to donate your organs?
Patient: Yeah
Dog: And…y-your bones?
Patient: What? My bones? Why
Dog (Mouth waters): Just answer the question.


Chef dog

Woof you like some cheese with that wine?


Police dog

Excuse me sir, I will have to confiscate that tennis ball. Thanks


Bad-boy dog

“Who’s a good boy?”
“Not me, babe.”