10 times dogs proved they're better at trolling than people

Troll dogs gonna troll.

Dogs are the best- they’re adorable, they love you unconditionally and are loyal till the end. Oh, and they’re the masters of trolling.

Whether they’re begging for your food at the dinner table, barking and sniffing at their leash to convince you to take them on a walk, or simply greeting you with their waggy tails when you get home, dogs do all of these little things to put smiles on faces around the world and we love them for it. But these little angels have a notorious flipside. They’ll troll you so well with their literal puppy dog eyes that you’ll be bamboozled.

Recently, a video of a stray dog hilariously trolling a busy street in India went viral which reminded us of the fact that dogs are way better at trolling than any of us will ever be.

Here are ten instances of these nimble doggos trolling people and, of-course, cats.

At first, we felt so bad for the dog and the fact that nobody helped him triggered us, but then the dog showed us who’s the boss.

It’s Doggo fun time.

Every. Sibling. Ever.

Troll level: Doge

You gave the cat my food? What?

Driver: GTFO dog.

Dog: Nope. You GTFO.

Who dunnit?

10/10 would pat anyway.

(photo: Facebook.com/Doggoe)

(photo: Facebook.com/Doggoe)

No, you go home.

No, human. The cat stole your food.

Who’s a good boy, now? Not these little trolls.