10 situations where only a Himesh Reshammiya song can be the best response

Himesh Reshammiya has managed to remain in our hearts with the nasal twang of his popular soundtracks and the soulful sangeet that is so relatable

Despite everything you have to give it to Himesh Reshammiya, that man has a viral appeal of the likes of a cute cat on social media. There was a time when you couldn’t surf channels without catching a glimpse of the music composer and his infamous cap and mic combo. Move over Anu Malik, Kumar Sanu, Taher Shah, and even Dhinchak Pooja, Reshammiya is the all-time favourite you need to have right now. Do not, for once, shy away from admitting to yourself that you have at some point stood with your friends in a baseball cap, a plastic bottle in hand and immitated the swag of the music maestro. From panwadis to the uber wale bhaiyya still stuck on his charm, we have all sung along his uber cool nasal twang. But Himesh Reshammiya has given us iconic songs, you have to give him that.

These ten soundtracks are so befitting for your everyday situations, that you will cry. So whenever you are in doubt, hum a tune through your nasal tract and it will surely pacify you.

1.When all your friends are out partying on Friday night, but you have to work on Saturday morning as well and so you have to turn in sleep early, you can’t help but feel this track from Namastey London and its Viraaniya.

2. When your boss doesn’t get the hint that you have been working overtime and you need a vacation desperately, so you keep lingering in the sidelines hoping he will get it. From the album, Aap Kaa Surroor comes this heartbreaking Samjho Na Kuch To Samjho Na.


3.  When you get the appraisal that you wanted but you realise that you are going to receive it in parts instead of full you can’t help but hum Tera Mera Milna… Yun tera paas aana, yuhin nahi hai yaar.


4. When you go to pay rent and realise that your landlord has increased the rent amount, you can only think of one name and that is his and his alone. So yell down from your apartment: Naam hai tera tera…

5. When you are eating burnt chappatis and stale veggies in your room, but you get a waft of what is cooking at your neighbouring aunty’s kitchen. So with the yummy aromas rolling in you will be singing Tum Saanson Mein Humko Deewana Kar Gaya…Deewana Kar Gaye.


6. When your boss suddenly starts appreciating your work and you almost begin to see a glimmer of hope that you will get the promotion you have been rooting for. In your hearts of hearts, you may be singing Jhooth Nahin Bolna, oh yaara sach kehna…


7.  When your best friend asks you for your car and you are both single and broke and can’t help but oblige to the request. You can’t sing to his face but once the door is locked, feel free to tune into Aap Ki Khatir, mere dil ke jahan hai haazir…

8. When your best friend shifts to another city and everyone else is parading their BFFS in front of you you can’t help yourself but feel sad and hum the song Main Jahaan Rahoon, mai kahin rahoon teri yaad saath hai…

9. When you are excited AF about the weekend coming around the corner and you have all these lovely plans for the break you need after a specifically horrible weekend. You can’t help yourself but sing “Ice-cream khaungi, Kashmir jaungi…”


10. When your boss tells you have to work on the weekend and you have something short of a coronary and sing Waada Tainu Yaad Rakhiyaaa…

So next time when you are going through a heartbreak, or a low appraisal or any of the above, tune in to your very favourite Himesh Reshammiya.

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