10 people we NEED to see hosting the Academy Awards. #3 is our fav!

We've put together a list of our dream hosts for the Academy Awards and we're pretty sure if they host, the Oscars would be way better!

With the Academy awards right around the corner, we can’t help but be super pumped. We’ve already started stocking up on snacks.
We’ve seen a plethora of Hollywood biggies host the Oscars. Remember the Ellen DeGeneres selfie that broke the internet? Yeah, we’ve seen some pretty epic moments. This year it’s funny guy Jimmy Kimmel taking the center stage. We’re pretty sure he’s gonna bring the roof down, but could it get better? Yes.

Being a bunch of optimists, we believe we can always up the game and the best way to kick it up a notch is by bringing some savage hosts for the Academy Awards.

Here’s our dream list of people who should host the Oscars:

1) Donald Trump
Here’s what the opening lines would be:
“I should win best actor.
And best actress.
Best actor in a negative role, I mean c’mon.
I think I was the best motion picture of 2016.
Make the Oscars great again. It’s gonna be huuuuuuge. ”
We’re hoping you read the entire thing in Trump’s voice. Please.


2) Superwoman
Who needs Hollywood biggies when we’ve got desi girl Lilly Singh? Imagine Lilly and Lizzza hosting as a duo.
Just watch Oscar, OK stupid?



3) Gormint aunty
We can’t wait for her to open the show saying ‘Ye bik gaye hain Oscars, ab Oscars main kuch nahi hain.’


4) Snoop Dogg
The Oscars would be a pretty smokey affair. Is it 4:20 already? Snoop out.


5) Matthew Perry AKA Chandler
An Oscar event full of awkward jokes and sarcastic comments? Sign us up!


6) Melania Trump
We can already guess her entire monologue. It’ll be exactly the same as Chris Rock’s 2016 monologue.


7) Harambe

*Silently sheds a tear*


8) Obama
We’re not even listening to the monologue. We’re just waiting for the mic drop.


9) Kanye west
‘I am God’s vessel. But my greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself win an Oscar live.’
(Low-key hoping he gets interrupted by Taylor Swift)


10) Govinda dressed as Superman
Because sometimes that’s all you need. We’re pretty sure DC and Marvel will have nightmares for weeks.


Don’t you think the Academy Awards would be waaayy better if these people hosted them?
Who would you want to see as the host? Tell us!