10 homosexual stereotypes we're absolutely sick of !

Folks, it's time to evolve.

It’s 2017 and homophobia still exists. Sadly, it’s prevalent in almost every state in our country.

Homophobia isn’t just being against the idea of homosexuality- it also includes believing and propagating ridiculous stereotypes and myths related to homosexual people.

And we’re not talking about just men, there’s uniquely terrible stigma lesbians carry with them too. These stereotypes which turn into violent acts, rejection, and ultimately man-made misery are still being enforced by groups of rigid people who are used to their orthodox ways.

These stereotypes are constantly thrown at us, be it real life of the depiction of the LGBTQ community in Bollywood, and they are as absurd as the stereotypes given to different ethnic groups.

It’s time to let go of these myths and find a way to accept that everyone should have the same rights, respect, and opportunities that we all enjoy.

Here are the major stereotypes we’re talking about:

Gay men always want every man.

People need to stop thinking a gay man will hit on every living man on the face of this planet. No, they will not hit on straight men. Keep your homophobia in line.


All lesbians are rude and hate men.

Lesbians don’t hate men. Period.


It’s just a phase.

No, no it’s not.


Homosexuals propagate homosexuality to corrupt you.

Yes, Punjabis secretly want you to be Punjabis and Gujaratis are devising a plan to turn everyone into ‘shahs’ and ‘patels’.


Lesbians are tomboys that dress up like men all the time.

Ingrid Nilsen is a beauty guru that recently came out. Beauty guru. Yes, makeup and girly stuff.


All gay men are extremely effeminate.

This has to be the most ridiculous stereotype and thanks to Bollywood half of our country thinks that all gay men are pink-shirt-wearing chums who go ouchh when you touch them.


Homosexuals are promiscuous.

Homosexual relationships are as meaningful and deep as heterosexual ones.


Homosexuality is a choice.

Again, it’s not like you call a hotline and go “Yes sir, hello..I’d like to enroll myself to become a homosexual.”


Gay men are physically weak.

Your physical strength has absolutely NOTHING to do with your sexuality.


Homosexuals can’t raise children/have families.

Homosexual parents are as well-equipped to be good parents as heterosexual parents.

Spread rainbows, not war.