'SitaRong Yechury will be really happy': Twitter trolls Mamata for renaming Ramdhonu a.k.a rainbow

We regret to inform you that all those named Ram shall from this day on be called Rong.

Keeping up to her reputation of doing whatever it takes to find place in news, West Bengal’s CM Mamata Banerjee announced this morning that ‘ram’ in ramdhenu will now be replaced with ‘rong’. For all the non-bongs who make no sense of this, ramdhenu is the Bengali word for rainbow, and Ms. Banerjee has declared that rainbows need to be a lot more secular than they already are.

The Bengal CM had everyone flabbergasted with this move that took the whole secularism debate too far and got into re-naming nature’s phenomena. Interestingly, rainbow is also called ‘Indradhanush’ in Hindi and it remains to be seen which neta will next come up with how ‘non-secular’ that is.

Given the fact that the move was such an interesting and sudden one, of course Twitter did not spare it. From taking this replacement of ram with rong in random names to cracking Andaz Apna Apna Jokes, Twitter did it all. Take a look at the huge laugh Twitterati had at this secular change of name.

We wonder how rainbows around the world will now feel at the sight of a Bengali!