Sidharth Malhotra's new public service advertisement on women safety is a must watch for all men [Watch Video]

Here is why Sidharth Malhotra's request to note this important helpline number in this public service ad is gaining so much attention on social media

Many often celebrities are swarmed with fans asking for selfies, autographs and if they are extremely forward, they jump to ask their phone number. Sidharth Malhotra has a special message for his fans with this Public Service Advertisement (PSA) with Brylcreem India. Known for his serious candour, Sidharth puts across this strong message on women safety. His notion of “Man Up” is to defend and protect women as he points out by urging his fellow countrymen to note this important number. In India, 1091 is a helpline number for women in distress and while the authorities are just a call away, this commercial urges people to make that call in the first place. “Style Nahi, Soch Badlo” he urges in the PSA he has aimed at his fan base. The slogan of this ad is directed at changing your mentality along with your style and gives due importance to need of changing mindsets in India.

Sidharth took to Twitter, announcing the advertisement and his intent behind choosing to take part in the campaign. He wishes to raise awareness about eve-teasing and sexual harassment which is meted out against women on a daily basis. Given the rise of rape cases and crimes against women in India, this PSA is a genuine attempt to sensitise people about the gravity of the situation.

“I genuinely feel that boys or men need to charm women and not chase them. Sometimes, a few boys chase women and eve-tease. That’s a strict no-no because a man doesn’t do that. We come into the world through the fairer sex, and so we need to respect them even more. In this regard, I am, in fact, angrier with the fathers. I know how I have been brought up. Our first impression of how a man should behave (with women) comes from our fathers. So, I think somewhere, fathers are to be blamed for this. They have to become proactive in teaching (their sons) how to treat women and behave.There have been some extremely obnoxious and worrisome instances of late. As a man, it’s embarrassing to hear that men are just bystanders when women are in trouble and are taking videos from their phones and putting them up online instead of calling for help. It is extremely disgusting and upsetting. And, that’s when the idea struck me, to ensure the number 1091 reaches everyone and Brylcreem agreed to print this number on every tub so that it reaches each and every one.

The face of the PSA is the very amicable Sidharth Malhotra who already endorses Brylcreem in India as its brand ambassador. While there have been many advertisements with social messages, this one uses a fairly commercial product usually connotated with the artificial traits of styling and growing up to be a man instead of a boy.

You can watch the ad here: