Sia's new single just might be the new 'Cheap Thrills'! Watch now

Sia dropped her new single on the 12th of January and it's already getting rave reviews. Watch the video below:

Before we begin, let us forewarn you:
Catchiest. Hook. Ever.

The video released on 12th Jan and has already crossed 2.6M views.
Move your body is a quintessential club number and you’re probably gonna hear a lot of club mixes everywhere you go.

The video shows Sia’s tiny dancer (No, it’s not Maddie ziegler) who appears to be running out of the sets to discover Sia’s blonde wig. Once she wears it, she doesn’t stop dancing and neither will you.
She dances, photobombs and all that jazz.

The 80s inspired video will take you back to the retro glam era with giant wigs and ultra funky decor. The old school photo-booth in the video might send a tinge of nostalgia down your spine.

Watch the ecstatic video here: