Shah Rukh Khan’s fan said he’ll bunk class to watch Raees; Read SRK's reply!

A young SRK fan expressed his love for SRK by tweeting that he'll bunk classes to watch Raees. SRK's reply to this was pretty endearing.

We all know the Raees fever is taking over. While SRK is super caught up promoting the movie, his fans just can’t wait for the flick to come out.

Social media is going berserk and Raees has been trending for over a week now.
With everyone in anticipation of how the film will turn out to be, people have already booked the tickets well in advance.
SRK is currently promoting his movie by travelling in trains and keeping his fans updated on social media. Unfortunately, one man lost his life when a massive stampede broke out at the platform as everyone rushed towards the exit gates. The man named Farid Khan Sherani, fainted at the spot.
Two constables of the railway police also fainted while trying to disperse the crowd. Sherani, along with another injured person, was taken to the hospital but he was declared dead on arrival. Several other persons were wounded and left bleeding during the stampede as police baton charged to disperse the overwhelmed crowd.
SRK expressed his deepest regrets regarding the whole issue.

Watch SRK tweeting out his journey:

Such is the craze for SRK, that a fan tweeted out to the world that he’ll skip his classes to catch Raees.
SRK saw the tweet and replied promptly.

Here is what the jabra fan tweeted:

SRK, being a doting yet cool daddy, told him to study harder the next day because SRK obviously didn’t want to lose his first day audience.

Read his reply:

Isn’t it amazing that SRK is always looking out for his fans? This is why we love him!