Here's how different parts of India witnessed #Supermoon2017

As the supermoon sparkled behind landmarks and historic monuments all around the world, people couldn't help but click the lunar satellite in all its shiny glory.

The only supermoon of 2017 rose on Sunday, December 3, and everyone around the globe turned into a night sky photographer. We don’t blame them, the sights were truly stunning!

This Supermoon was described by NASA as the first lunar sighting in a ‘supermoon trilogy’ that will happen over the next two months, with others coming around January 1 and 31 January. As the moon, dubbed as the ‘full cold moon’, sparkled in its full lunar glory behind landmarks, breathtaking views and historic monuments all around the world, people couldn’t help but click the big, bright lunar satellite.

Here are some of the best photos of the supermoon from India:




Tabo, Himachal Pradesh:

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Here’s how it was captured all around the globe:

Northampton, Massachusetts

New York:

Saint Tropez:



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Hertfordshire, England