6-year-old girl writes to NASA to ‘make Pluto a planet again'

"I would really like it if everyone at NASA could please change your minds and make Pluto a planet again"

Cara Lucy O’Connor has a concern. The 6-year-old girl from Ireland is unhappy with the way NASA has treated what was once called the ninth planet of the solar system– Pluto.

So, Cara, with the help of her teacher Miss O’Donovan, wrote a letter to NASA asking the space agency ‘make Pluto a planet again’.

Though NASA didn’t respond immediately, Dr. James L Green, director of NASA’s Planetary Science Division, wrote a letter back to Cara. “I hope that you will discover a new planet, and I trust that if you continue to do well in school we will see you at NASA one of these days,” he wrote. Though the letter was written last year, it was picked by Irish media this week.