Sanjeev Kapoor Posted A Recipe For Malabar Paneer, Twitter Roasted Him Mercilessly

Much like his delicious dishes, celebrity Chef Sanjeev Kapoor recently got roasted on Twitter for posting about ‘Malabar Paneer’. Quick heads up- Malabar cuisine is from the south Indian state of Kerala and is famous all over the world for its distinctive flavours because it is influenced by a plethora of cuisines like Arab, Brahmin and Chirakkal. While it’s famous for a lot of things, paneer is not one of them!

Check out what he tweeted:

As soon as the chef posted the recipe, people were quick to remind him that ‘Malabar Paneer’ does not exist. Malabar Beef? Sure. Malabar Chicken? Hell yeah! But no bro. Not Malabar Paneer.

Some of the retorts were downright hilarious:

Anybody in the mood for some Malabar Paneer, fellas?