Salman Khan's the highest earning Indian celeb of 2017, AIB makes it to the Forbes' list too

Forbes has recently released its list of 100 highest earning celebs in India.Check out for all the details right here:

Forbes has released its annual list of the highest earning Indian celebs of 2017. While the top five were pretty obvious, there were a lot of entries that made us go ‘wait, whaaat’.

The top four names in the list have remained constant. Salman Khan, for the second successive year, is at #1, despite Tubelight‘s terrible box office performance. Read on to find out what the list looks like!

Here are the top 5 celebrities –

Salman Khan with 232.83 crores

All thanks to his multiple brand endorsements, two movies that hit the theatres and obviously, his on-going stint as the Bigg Boss host!


Shah Rukh Khan with 170.50 crores

Two movies, multiple (and we mean A LOT!) brand endorsements, and his many stints as an award show host earned him the second spot on this list.


Virat Kohli with 100.72 crores

Virat was recently crowned the biggest celebrity brand in India. Numerous TVCs and brand endorsements (including a INR 100 crore deal with Puma) and multiple matches helped him grab the 3rd sports.


Akshay Kumar with 98.25 crores

With three hit movies and multiple brand endorsements, Akshay Kumar came fourth on the list.


Sachin Tendulkar with 82.50 crores

King of endorsements, Sachin Tendulkar, raked in the moolah thanks to his restaurant chains and brand deals.

The list was followed by Aamir Khan, Priyanka Chopra, MS Dhoni, Hrithik Roshan and Ranveer Singh.

Surprisingly, AIB grabbed the 49th spot (above Sonam Kapoor, Irrfan Khan and Katrina Kaif!) as they made 14.95 crores this year! Other unexpected entries in this list were Sonu Nigam (17.35 crores), Kapil Sharma (48 crores) and Bharti Singh (3.25 crores).

Sania Mirza, Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Sunil Chhetri were the final three with 2.80 crores, 2.53 crores and 2.30 crores respectively.

Check out the entire list of the 100 highest earning celebs in Indian right here.

Talk about bringing home the moolah, amirite?!