Roadies Xtreme: 5 Times This Show Made Us Question Human Intelligence

In 2003, MTV dropped a show called Roadies and people loved the refreshingly new plot: A group of young contestants riding to different destinations and participating in tasks that challenge their physical, mental and emotional strength.

As the years progressed, the show began to lose its charm to the point where nobody even cares about the show or contestants anymore. Try naming the last person who won Roadies. You can’t, can you? Roadies went from being a cool tag to a horrible show that is as cringy as its parodies. Here’s why-

First of all, the humor is so freakin’ juvenile. A contestant (deliberately, obviously) says Ujjain is a country in Africa and judges are rolf-ing all over the place cuz wow such refined humor.

And Roadies 2018? More like 1998 with the kind of homophobic and oh-so-90s gags like a bi/lesbian character was obviously hitting on judge Neha Dhupia with cheesy Bollywood music playing in the background because that’s what all homosexual people do, duh!

They fail at putting their own points across because they have no idea how to use their platform to make a positive impact. They ask contestants to respect women, and then call them bh****od, cuz logic.

Drama overloadddddd got us looking for aspirin. We can’t even explain how stupid (and not to mention ironic) this scene from a recent episode was-

Also, why is naach gana > physical tasks.  Not like that’s a bad thing, but isn’t this show for physical tasks and testing how people perform under pressure? Why are they asked to dance? … why?

BRB, gotta go look for the IQ points I just lost.