Rishi Kapoor trolled mercilessly on Twitter for expressing his 'hate' for 'La La Land'

When it's 'La La Land', clearly nobody will even spare Rishi Kapoor.

Yesteryear superstar Rishi Kapoor has been in news with his tweets and everyone knows how he often takes down everything from brands like Zara to other sharp tongued people like KRK. In his endeavour to say things exactly like they are, Rishi Kapoor has usually garnered support on Twitter and people have gone out on one foot to appreciate his honesty. With that kind of bluntess, it’s easy to overstep the border and the actor seems to have done exactly that with his tweet this time round.

Rishi Kapoor decided to take a dig on ‘La La Land’ and clearly it did not go down well with Twitterati. For the uninitiated, ‘La La Land’ is the Hollywood musical that won itself 14 nominations at the Oscars this time. The actor did not name the musical but left not much to imagination with this tweet of his.

The musical won hearts not just of the jury but also of its fans. While all Kapoor’s digs have been succesful so far, the one about this brilliant musical earned him some Twitter wrath. The actor meants his words to bring ‘La La Land’ down, and Twitter delivered quite a few scathing burns.

You see, nobody messes with Twitterati. Absolutely nobody.