Ranveer Singh walks in looking like a teletubby and Twitterati is falling over with laughter

Ranveer Singh might also be 'cosplaying an outstretched condom', you see?

Trust Ranveer Singh to turn heads with his outrageous outfits every single time. Sometimes he ends up garnering appreciation for his experiments and sometimes they are simply outrageous and risque. From sporting printed pajamas with a printed blazer to outfits we do not even know the names of, Ranveer Singh has done it all. With his latest outfit, if at all it was one, at Shahid Kapur’s birthday bash, the actor has outdone himself.

Nobody knows what he planned to be dressed as and we are in serious doubt as to whether he saw ‘fancy dress’ written as the theme somewhere on the invitation. From Teletubbies to a condom, people had a hard time figuring out what Ranveer Singh wanted to look like. Walking in with girlfriend Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh very much looked like he was very confident of what he wore. But well, when isn’t he right?

While some called his outfit ridiculous, some were left wondering where does he shop for so much confidence from. Shahid Kapur sported some fairly crazy looks in ‘Udta Punjab’, but believe us when we say we do not know whose book Ranveer Singh took a leaf out of. Twitterati seems equally confused and are rolling over with laughter.

Who or what exactly do you think Ranveer Singh was dressed as or was he just being himself?