RaGa takes Modi's acronym obsession a notch higher, comes up with hilarious acronym for 'SCAM'

Rahul Gandhi jumps on the bandwagon and coins a new acronym for 'SCAM', fails miserably.

It’s like, RaGa isn’t even trying.

Unless you are living under a rock, you probably know about Indian politician’s newly found obsession with acronyms. It started with Modi coining an acronym for the word ‘SCAM’ in his Meerut rally : ‘Samajwadi Party, Congress, Akhilesh Yadav and Mayawati’. In no time, Indian politicians jumped on the bangwagon and the next thing you know, ‘acronyms’ are the new cool.

Twitter too had a field day as they came up with hilarious versions of ‘SCAM’:

This guy gave up on scam and came up with an acronym for MODI:

RaGa, like a small kid who suffers from an overbearing sense of FOMO (Fear of Missing out), couldn’t help but derive a new acronym for SCAM.

Needless to say, his take was the most hilarious of all.

Rahul Gandhi put his foot in his mouth with a definition where the equated the letters of the word SCAM with virtues like courage and ability. Let alone condemning the scams, the man unknowingly glorified them.

Smriti Irani was quick to point out the hilarious mistake on the part of RaGa.

In what seems like glorification and an open advertisement for scams, looks like Rahul Gandhi isn’t trying to deviate from his party’s primary agenda of scamming the common man (Read: 2G, CWG)

Looks like Rahul Gandhi should fire his speech writers for coming up with this open advertisement and promotion of scams.

Join us tomorrow for another edition of “Acronyms with Rahul Gandhi” where he’ll come up with glorifying acronyms for the CWG, COAL and BOFORS.