Priyanka Barve's rendition of this Hariharan ghazal will break the internet

This simple rendition of a ghazal from Hariharan's 1992 album is just what you need to sooth your ears.

Ghazals have always effortlessly blended together poetic lyrics, emotions and soft music to create masterpieces that change the ambience of any place within seconds. Priyanka Barve did exactly this with her rendition of Hariharan’s ‘Jiya Jiya Na Jiya’ from his 1992 album ‘Hazir’, which also has Zakir Hussain on the tabla.

Barve is a renowned Maharashtrian singer and has surely worked the magic of her beautiful voice on her rendition of this ghazal. The song undoubtedly suits her voice impeccably and will have you listening to the rendition on repeat.

What makes it even more remarkable is that she hums this to nothing but an electronic tanpura playing in the background, thus making it quite the stand out in this era of electronic music and moreover electronically modified voices. The simplicity of her rendition and the style in which she emotes each word gives it a very original tinge.

Priyanka Barve shared this rendition on her facebook page and here is the post:

If you are looking for something to sooth your ears today, put your earphones on and listen to her right away if you haven’t already.