'Planet of the Cows': Markandey Katju takes a dig at gau-rakshaks in hilarious Facebook post

A spin off of a Hollywood flick on our love for cows? Markandey Katju is totally up for this satire.

We know how cows are valued a lot more than human beings, or even oxygen at times in our country. So much so that there are massive groups who officially hold the designation of ‘gau rakshaks’ and take their job mighty seriously. Isn’t it surprising then that there isn’t yet a mainstream super-popular movie made around the animal yet? Markandey Katju is here to help.

In a recent Facebook post, the ex-Chief Justice of India, gave a hilarious suggestion for a befitting movie on cows. He suggested we call it ‘The Rise of the Planet of the Cows’, on the lines of a previous Hollywood movie starring James Franco and Freida Pinto. Katju also went on to suggest the movie would gross a lot more than ‘Baahubali’, and to be honest he might not be absolutely wrong considering India’s obsession with the cow.

Following Katju’s movie idea on the lines of Hollywood flick ‘The Rise of the Planet of the Apes’, someone even made him a poster featuring a Jersey cow.

Now, when it’ a topic that is always hot in the country and Markandey Katju manages to be his usual unabashed, controversial self one cannot expect the comments to be anything short of enthusiastic. From suggestions for the movie name to simply supporting Katju’s wit regarding the subject, the comments on this post are a lot more fun than the post itself.

While no one can deny we’ve gone a lot more than just overboard with all the bovine-love, a movie on these lines would indeed be a brilliant satire on the times we’re living in. Got any more suggestions? Do not forget to drop a comment on Katju’s post, or maybe make him another poster with the gau-maata on it.