'Ramdev Baba in unusual situations': The memes you didn't know you needed

We’ve done it again you guys, we’ve gone into the depths of the internet to find yet another fire page that you can waste your time on. Imaginatively called ‘Ramdev Baba in predicaments’, the page has pictures of the Yoga Guru… doing things. We strongly advise viewer discretion.

The memes on this page follow the same pattern as the one one PM Modi – ‘Modi ji in unusual places’. There are lots of terribly Photoshopped images of Ramdev in situations we truly hope we never catch him in real life.

With over 28k followers, this page gives us Baba Ramdev’s photos in practically everything scenario that exists on this planet. From Rick and Morty to Bhojpuri movie posters to WrestleMania, this page has made sure Baba’s presence is felt everywhere and we’re not going to lie, the pictures are pretty hilarious. Check some of them out:

Damn, the new ‘The incredibles’ looks pretty lit. Elastigirl’s gonna steal the show.

To be fair, you need to have a very high IQ to understand this reference.

Open your eyes, Suryanamaskar the skies.

Did someone just say next Oscar?

Ya’ll going around blaming Chatur for no reason. It was Baba all along.

Now you know why this was the biggest movie of 2017.

And why this was the biggest flop of 2017.

To be honestm, you need to stop doing that fam.

Hilarious much? Check out the page for more lols. Feel free to waste like 2-3 hours giggling at these memes.