Photos: 'Yoga and the City' on Instagram shows how important it is to slow down every once in a while

People doing yoga and looking as calm as one can be will make you realize how there is a lot more to life than being at the top of the ladder.

Most of our lives these days end on the same superfast note they start on. From waking up in the morning to making it to bed at night, we are all a part of the race to make it to the top of whichever mountain it is we have chosen to ace. Living standards have gone up and everyone’s got loads of money these days, ever wondered what we might have lost in the midst of all this though?

Peace of mind, harmony and happiness. Those are the things we’ve sacrificed at the altar of success and have in turn lost the ability to connect to ourselves. There are some who still do try to keep all this in place in the middle of all the hustle though. Ongoing photo project ‘Yoga and the City’ is a tribute to exactly this bunch of people struggling to stay sane and in harmony with their inner selves. After all, Kung-Fu Panda too banked on inner peace, remember?

The series captures people trying to maintain harmony through the philosophy of yoga and each of the photos will have you gripped. In times of rat races, those trying to bring out their spiritual side deserve accolades. Here’s presenting to you a few photos from the series on ‘Yoga and the City‘.

Inspiring enough to go big on inner peace, yet?